Kategorie: Prescription Frames

Acetate & TR90 Frames suitable for prescription lenses.
Why not have frames that are as individual as you are?

Acetate is an environmentally friendly alternative which are made using a bio-based material that derives from the fibres in cotton pulp or wood, to make a compound called cellulose acetate which is a plant-based material, hence to conventional plastics made from petroleum.

One of the best things about acetate glasses is that acetate is a hypoallergenic material, so it unlikely to cause any allergic reactions. You can comfortably wear these frames all day, and they are unlikely to irritate or react with your skin.

Acetate is much more durable due to being more flexible which helps your frames last longer and can easily change lenses to suit prescriptions.

TR90 is a mix of plastic and polymer, resulting in a lightweight yet durable frame.

TR90 is extremely lightweight, low density, good chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, high distortion temperature, and incredible flexibility. Also, being hypoallergenic it won’t irritate your skin.